The Mobiest of Dicks

Call me Ishmael.

I, too, once suffered from recurrent wanderlust which kept me traveling around the world after college for several years. There was nothing like taking off for a new place to cure restlessness and malaise. Eventually, however, I settled down far from home and it is from here that I watch my country battle the great white whale.

The last time my brain started associating the events of Election 2016 with some work of literature, it conjured up a mental image of Dragon Lizard Donald devouring Goat Clinton for show. Now I keep thinking of a larger-than-life book I never actually finished (the Cliff Notes sufficed for the test) but whose symbolism must be familiar to all English speaking people (who have also not read it.) The extended metaphor works in so far as I am somehow removed from the action, observing from a distance. It also works in that many adversaries of Trump view him as pure evil while others see him merely as a wild animal acting on instinct. But then the metaphor breaks down in a major way. Where’s my Ahab?  All I see are a whole lot of Ahab-ettes, mad at losing a leg to stand on, defiantly convinced of their righteousness, chucking their little harpoons from the confines of a cable news studio or for the benefit of cameras. So far I don’t like where any of this is heading.



One thought on “The Mobiest of Dicks

  1. I read a post a few days ago that suggested that many people did not vote because they did not like either candidate. The writer proposed we add “none of the above” to the ballot, and if it wins, we nominate new candidates, consider it a “do-over.” 🙂

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