Pretty in Pink


It is the second full day of our new reality. Against all expectations, I feel totally inspired. The Laws of Physics tell us that for every action there is a reaction – although, it seems that reaction is sometimes a delayed one. I think we finally saw the first clear glimpses of it yesterday.

The numbers and pictures from the Women’s March on Washington are coming in and they are truly balm for the worried soul. If estimates are correct, about ten times as many people went into the streets against him than for him. Here are links to where I lifted most of the following photos from:


Enjoy them!  I sure did!


Washington D.C.


Los Angeles, California


New York City, New York

march ny

Chicago, Illinois


Denver, Colorado


Boston, Massachusetts


Austin, Texas


London, England


Paris, France


Paradise Bay, Antarctica


Rehgraben, Austria

march-rehgraben1 march-rehgraben2

12 thoughts on “Pretty in Pink

  1. Watched it unfold and I was awed and so proud. Here is my question. If his approval rating is in the low 30% range (lowest ever for a president) who really voted for him? I am beginning to seriously suspect voter fraud.

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    1. I can understand your doubts – it all still seems so unreal and therefore suspicious to me too. I realized this weekend that a lot of people probably voted for him without either liking or approving of him. Go figure.

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  2. I wondered that, too. Who voted for this clown? I think people were into to voting AGAINST who they DIDN’T WANT rather than supporting who they DID want. This is a natural result of that. Waking up and realizing you’ve screwed yourself. 🙂

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    1. Yes! I have had this argument 100 times with people who tell me they aren’t going to vote. It is not possible to vote against someone – you are always voting FOR someone and there is no such thing as abstention. Not voting at all is the same as voting for the ultimate winner.


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