I spent a good part of my morning racking my brains for non-political topics – both for my university course and my blog – thinking both sets of readers are in need of a break. I drew a blank. I surfed around in the internet and checked out social media, which helped . . . not at all.  It seemed like everything and everyone in the world is currently politicized. I went to refill my coffee. I stared out my kitchen window.

That was when I noticed them.

Two little moons, perched in my Red Maple tree.



As I tried to figure out what they were, a candle appeared.




Then a second candle showed up. And they were joined by two birds.



I am not sure what they were telling me, but I think it was something good.

They made me feel better.

So I am sharing them with you.



5 thoughts on “Tidings

  1. these moons puzzle me. The candles are self-explanatory, knowing the location and time of day. But the moons. I resolved to just assume, they are two left-over christmas lights. Or someone emptied out a hole punch and two confetti got stuck on your window. But can’t be – perspective doesn’t allow for it.
    Must be magic, then….:)


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