No Escape


Berlin Postings – #3



Day Two in Berlin began somewhat solemnly again as our walk through the center led us past the site of the Christmas Market attack right in front of Berlin’s iconic “Gedächtniskirche” – the bombed and burned out remains of the cathedral left standing as a reminder for the population of war’s devastation. But thereafter, things got happier and my biggest complaint of the day would have to be the peas in my tuna fish salad sandwich.literatur-cafe

We let the girls roam KaDeWe and Bikini Berlin with wads of cash in their fists while Ly and I toured bookstores (“Ka-ching!!”) and then went to the Literature Café for a light lunch. Fabulous place – except for the peas.


the-room-kopie       go-west-kopie


From there it was on to “The Room” – a live game with the theme of escaping from East Berlin in the 1980s. (My hubby made the reservations for us as part of our Christmas present.) We were given a short orientation and then led to a room. We entered. The door shut behind us. We had one hour to use all the clues hidden there to find our way out – the secret escape route to the West. If we failed, the East German Stasi (secret police) would break down the door and arrest us . . .

It was A LOT of fun, but unfortunately our teamwork and communication were a bit lacking. To make a long story short . . .

I’m adjusting to the Gulag very well.


9 thoughts on “No Escape

  1. Peas ruin everything. Interesting that there are escape rooms from East Berlin over there. I don’t know why – but it surprised me. I always assumed it was a part of history most Germans try to ‘forget.’ (Not literally forget – but, you know, like… if we don’t talk about it – it goes away type thing lol) I don’t know why I always thought that. Am I making sense? I probably sound really stupid right now. AHH

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    1. Yes you are making sense and no, you don’t sound stupid. I have been to Berlin almost ten times and am still learning stuff. I think you are just mashing two different historical periods in your mind – WWII and the Cold War era when there were two Germany’s (Germanies?) But I have to add that the Germans do a lot to make sure their dark past is NOT forgotten – that is a cool thing about them.
      Even if they do put peas in tuna salad.

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