Dog Four Goes to Heaven


Don’t be alarmed about the title of this post. No, we did not lose two pets in the space of a month. But having only one dog now, we were able to bring her along on our yearly visit to our aunt and uncle in Tyrol – a place I affectionately associate with heaven.

Dog Four made instant friendships with the two canine residents of the house – two equally friendly and much better trained dogs. She gets constant attention, several daily walks, top quality dog food, a bed in our room, and lots of playtime with her new bff’s.

She’s not going to want to go home again.

I’m not sure which option is better for her: a Dog Five? Or a repeat visit to heaven next year?


6 thoughts on “Dog Four Goes to Heaven

  1. My heart almost stopped when I read the title of this, you booger! Anyway, glad that Dog #4 got to have the time of her life. As for getting a Dog #5 to keep her company, I’ll just say that in my household, Dog #3 and Dog #4 are in constant competition and fight quite a bit, but sleep together like BFF’s, so it’s a toss up. Dog #3 is 75% Attention Hound and I think he would have made a very content only child. Stay open to ideas, but don’t adopt another too quickly. 🙂

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