Twickle-Down Twumpcare

It is 8 pm Austrian time. If new reports are correct, about one hour from now, the House of Representatives will vote on their health care insurance accessibility plan.

As I have occasionally mentioned on this blog, our messed up free(d) enterprise(r) system, tweaked into dysfunction by years of corporate lobbying and legislation written at Round Tables and then conveyed by the hand of some bought and paid for politician to the floor of Congress and voted unread into law (pause . .  to take a breath), has made sure that American money now acts like a gas floating upwards rather than a liquid trickling down. Not that I ever really bought into that particular theory either. But Republicans clearly cling to it with an almost religious conviction. In order to sell it to their minions, they coin neat phrases like “job creators” or “makers and takers” or conjure up economic evil-doers like “welfare queens” or “deadbeat dads”. They opine incessantly that “Obamacare” is merely a “disaster” in a “death spiral”, a weapon in the big hand of government wielded to enslave the once-free . . . And now they have their chance – the new tiny hand of government will be more than happy to sign a law designed to bring back the invisible hand. Supply and Demand. Those market forces will make everything healthcare great again.

Except that we all know they won’t. Because as we saw before the ACA, with a health insurance industry orientated toward profit, the demand was universal (we ALL get sick and need care) and the supply was based on ability to pay.  These companies did not magically rise up to meet the needs of the consumers. They found ways to avoid paying the bills of the sick (e.g. “pre-existing conditions”) in order to keep the premiums of the wealthier and healthier lower.

Maybe, just maybe, the health care concerns of our nation cannot be addressed only through insurance industry products being bought and sold. Maybe, this is one of those economic sectors where cooperation is just as necessary – or more so – than competition. Maybe, merely “everyone having access” to health care isn’t enough. I mean, I “have access” to a Rolls Royce. That doesn’t mean I can afford to buy one.

I am in no danger of being financially ruined because I don’t own a Rolls Royce.

Not having a Rolls Royce does not put me at risk of dying or losing a loved one earlier than necessary.


While defending the proposed budget, Twump’s spokesperson feigned social consciousness by asking can we really continue to ask a coal miner in West Virginia or a single mom in Detroit to pay for these programs?”  He wasn’t talking about the ACA specifically, but about all larger government actions. My answer to him: “YES! Yes, we can!”

It is certainly better than asking that coal miner or single mom to contribute to the next insurance company CEO’s obscene bonus.

Is this all really so hard to understand?


It is now 9 pm Austrian time. I just checked the news and heard that the vote will not happen after all.


8 thoughts on “Twickle-Down Twumpcare

      1. I’ve heard tell that GOP can’t go forward with their other promises without compromising the budget unless their brand of health care reform happens. I suspect it will rear its ugly head again soon. 😦


    1. yes – the pressure builds and eventually has to vented. It occurred to me that Republicans will now have to repeal and replace their “Repeal and Replace” mantra – another great thing about this failure of theirs.


  1. My favorite part was the rant about it being the Democrats’ fault. Seems to me it didn’t muster enough votes among the majority Republicans. I wish both parties would come together and work on the shortcomings rather than rant and rave about each other. I truly believe overthrowing this was important to the Republicans’ continuing hate of Obama and desire to obliterate him from history. There needs to be some growing up all around. It’s a very frustrating time.


  2. Hi, my name is Alison and I’m a Republican. I think being a republican is like being an addict. Once one always one. But addicts can be “using” or “recovering”. So I’m a recovering Republican. Sober now for two years.

    On healthcare, under Obamacare Care, my premiums went from $740/mo to $2100/mo in 3 years time. My deductible went from $2500/yr to $6000/yr. my doctor of 25 years refused to take my insurance because it was not a group plan so I had to pay out of pocket to see him. I was basically uninsured for anything but catastrophic illness and even then I would have been out of pocket $31,000 before insurance kicked in. We thought about dropping insurance and paying the fine. The fine was $31,000.

    So I’m on the side of figuring something else out. Meantime we found out that by giving shares of our wholly owned company away to our children we would qualify for a group plan and our premiums dropped back down to under $1000/mo. My old doctor takes my insurance (same insurance company by the way just now Group instead of Individual). And hubby will be 65 next year so at least one of us will have Medicare.

    One thing that would be easy to fix are all the people opting in the healthcare system so they can have a baby, fix a problem, have surgery, then opting back out when the problem is gone. This is causing undue burden on healthy people who stay in and keep paying the higher pool premiums.

    Thank you. Recovering Republican meeting adjourned.

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    1. I once argued with a non-recovering rep about Obamacare. He simplified the whole program down to one statement: “All it did was make insurance more expensive.” I tried to point out to him that his premiums were lower before because insurance companies could get around covering poorer people by claiming pre-existing conditions. (That little clause put a brother of mine into bankruptcy twice!)
      Sorry to hear that you were in the group where things got worse rather than better and glad you found a workaround. I think these problems could be fixed if both side dismounted from their high horses.


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