Random Updates


Despite my flailing a bit in the blog business, there have been a few developments around here. So I am once again stealing (and adapting) Kate’s regular feature to get you all up to speed.

First stop – garden projects – mostly my husband’s, not mine (see Blackthumb’s Annual Garden Report”). Here’s the current state of the chicken house, the straw bale veggie garden, and my Florence Henderson rosebush:



Second stop – Gingerbread Man (see “He’s Back”). Spiffy again:

Third: We had a fifteenth birthday in the house, which means I now have two daughters who can drive away on their mopeds, much to my consternation:

Fourth stop – our kitchen remodeling (see “The World’s Costliest Ice Cubes”). It has now gone into high gear. Below you can see what the old kitchen looked like next to a computer projection of what the new one will (sort of) look like in about three weeks. (Full disclosure: the before picture was intentionally taken at a moment of Peak Clutter). Yesterday the window guys were here and you can see the results underneath.


And Fifth. Ever since first noticing the two moons perched in my Red Maple Tree (see “Tidings”), I have looked for them each morning while waiting for my coffee to brew. I found this comforting for some reason and was sort of afraid that they would disappear once the new windows were in. So this morning I was happy not only to find them again – but to see that they brought a friend!



7 thoughts on “Random Updates

    1. The bottom sections of the windows are there so that we can place things in front of them and still open the windows without having to move everything. It is kind of clever, actually – though I originally was suspicious, I already see the advantages. And now that I have three (!) moons to greet each morning, I am fine with all the changes.

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  1. Your kitchen will turn out fab. Actually, now with the windows in, I can imagine it for the first time. Somehow, the 3D print wasn’t as telling. And I wonder: do those straw bales smell? I mean linke menure?

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      1. nope, no gold handles. Neither of you would ever want gold haandles to go with your all brand new silvery monster fridge – well, ice truck 😉


  2. The kitchen is great. What is taking so long with the chicken house? I want to see if your husband defies you and gets a poodle chick. I am concerned that your posts are not showing up in my reader consistently. Don’t know if you changed the way you post or if it is on my end but, lately, I have to go to your website to check for your new posts. Or maybe you’ve stopped loving me…Love, Tippi

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    1. Let me end the suspense – OF COURSE there will be a poodle chicken.
      My posts have been fewer and farther between lately. End of the school year stress combined with renovations have limited my blogging time. The plan is to get back to three posts a week and more faithful reading/commenting starting July 2nd.
      Bear with me in the meantime and know that I will never stop loving Tippi.

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