We Interrupt This Broadcast . . .

Some of you may have noticed (and some of you have commented) that I have been on a sort of blog hiatus lately and it is likely to continue for a little while longer.

I looked up synonyms for the word hiatus and found “break” and “interruption” among others, so I don’t know exactly what to call this post popping up in the middle of my silent running time, this interruption to my hiatus, this break in my break . . . but I have some exciting – literally breaking – news I wanted to share.

Remember my birthday present? The egg incubator?  Well, . . . .


Yesterday we were in the middle of a braiding session, when my daughter and I heard noises coming from the incubator. Within the next hour, this little guy had made it out of his egg. An hour after that he was moving around and chirping.

He was the only one of six eggs to hatch and I went to bed worried that he would be lonely. But on a trip to the bathroom in the middle of the night, I passed the incubator and noticed that the chirping sounded like a duet. Sure enough – a second chick was there to greet me in the morning.


Now let’s see if we can keep these little guys going . . .

. . .  long live the German Reich’s Chickens!!


8 thoughts on “We Interrupt This Broadcast . . .

  1. Oh, they are cute!!!! Kind of a prophecy coming true, calling you chick mom 🙂 Are the rest out,too? Any way of telling if they are male or female? Are you going to keep them inside. I guess so. It is still much to cold to put them out and they would run the mesh, wouldn’t they?

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    1. So many question! Only two made it, and one of them not without injuries (or birth defect?) – he has one normal eye and one bigger bulging eye. We call him “Quasimoto”. It will be quite some time before we know if the “he” I am using here is right or if “she” would be better (and believe me – “she” would be better for everyone – including her!) Right now they and the 4 other chicks we bought to keep them company are living in a big hamster cage in our guest room.

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  2. Nothing like the miracle of birth on Easter morning, 227! Keep on chicken whispering and post when you can. Sexing your chicks is hard, I’ve heard. My friend in Maine thought she had two females and they both grew into roosters. 🙂

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