Day (of) Two and Ly

The plan is working out pretty well. I checked off not one but two (!) things from the first three columns today and am now off to catch up on the last four months of posts by my very first blog friend . . .

(And by the way – “Ly” is pronounced like “Lou” so my title today rhymes.)


4 thoughts on “Day (of) Two and Ly

      1. We do indeed. She’s like you with her passionate posts. Very persuasive even when on the other side of an issue with me. I love intelligent writing. But the funny posts are also what keeps me coming back (yours and hers).

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  1. thxs. Feeling quite bad, looking at my step-meter average of maybe 5.000 p. day. Although today I am already at 8.593, but this is only due to the underground failure in town – I had to walk some blocks to my thyroid check up tis morning.


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