Four and Forty-Two


Today – on Day Four of “The Plan” – I am honored to say that I have my first official convert. Joan of “Just Joan 42 – Poetry and Stories about Life, the Universe and Everything” fame (or simply “42” as I call her, since she calls me “227”) has recognized the awesome simplicity and feasibility of the plan and has gotten with the program. (Although . . . I am not sure that she truly grasps the spirit of it all – but more on that later . . .)

In honor of this development, I am making 42 the next Blog Friend of the Day to catch up with. I also figure she will be as funny and inspirational as usual.  There has been a poem or two flowing from my fingertips over these past years in an attempt to try out some new form she introduced us readers to. And she is the one that got me to try black-out poetry, resulting in this first try (of which I am quite proud). It is Twump’s inaugural tirade:

But as I said, now the tables are turned – the master and apprentice have traded places. Despite her enthusiasm, there are some . . . shall we say “deficiencies”? . . . in her initial attempts. Firstly, being retired, she seems to think that three columns are sufficient. So, no “Work” requirement. This trend continues. Is “making a comment” enough to fulfill one’s blogging duties? Does “chasing the cat” qualify as exercise? And as for her house project . . . “changing the sheets”? Seriously??

I’ll tell you what a house project is! A house project is turning laundry day into a complete closet cleaning and reorganization, including a quest to find, wash and pair up every single loose sock under the roof and then banish permanently those who remain single. Now everyone knows the mystery of magically disappearing socks. I was determined to solve it. I checked every clothes drawer; I looked in the corners of fitted sheets. I checked boots and shoes and pant legs. And still there were so many lonely socks!

Later, my cleaning fit led me to pull all the storage boxes out from under my bed with the idea of dusting and vacuuming under there. And . . . wahlah! There they were. About 15 runaway sock partners in a dusty row on the floor, running from headboard to foot under the middle of the bed. All of them had been pushed back by a storage bin unnoticed. Mystery solved.

So, 42, I hope you are getting the picture. If not, Lesson#2 will begin promptly after I post this (and may spill over into tomorrow.) It’s pretty late and I am getting tired. It’s the socks’ fault.


4 thoughts on “Four and Forty-Two

  1. I love this one. You seem to be on a household spree. Will have to check under our bed, too. I always believed, that some socks are just sucked with the water flow and pumped into the sewer, somehow.

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  2. I love that black-out poem, 227. When you do something, you go all out. Your 4-column summer plan is ambitious. I don’t know what to put in my “work” column, writing is my “job” now, but only when the Muses cooperate. I blog on Sundays but what about the other days? I think a comment of three or more lines should count. Household projects? Making a lasagna? Washing my windows? I’m happy to report that all my socks have mates. My usual physical exercise is dog walking and/or using the elliptical trainer at the gym. And sometimes I brush my teeth old-school instead of using my SpinBrush. Scrabble is good mental exercise, or sorting out real news from fake news. Baby steps, my friend, baby steps. Always glad to see you on JJ42! 🙂


  3. You are on a roll! I gave up a long time ago on the sock situation. I just throw them all in a drawer and it is not uncommon that I will have one Bobby sock and one tube sock on on a given day. You inspire me to be a better laundress.


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