My Baby’s Gone n’ Done It

Continuing with the Bible citing from my last post, I will add . . .

King James Version – Genesis 2:2-3:

And on the seventh day God ended his work which he had made; and he rested on the seventh day from all his work which he had made.
And God blessed the seventh day, and sanctified it: because that in it he had rested from all his work which God created and made.


All this repetition makes me think God really, really (!) wanted to make a point about all the work he had made and how he needed a rest.

Suddenly we two are back in sync. I needed a rest too! Of course, me living 6000 years later in a more modern period after the Great Flood and the invention of weekends, I took both the sixth and the seventh day off to rest. And then I added on the eighth for good measure, because . . . heck! Why not? It’s summer!

On the Ninth Day, however, I was fully back with The Plan – the one exception was the blogging part.

And my elder daughter was to blame for that.

It pains me to say this but she . . . but she . . . she had the AUDACITY  to . . . to . . . TURN 18!!  And to add insult to injury, she is . . . she is . . . TAKING HER DRIVING TEST TOMORROW!!

There. I have said it.

I hope you will all understand why, when it comes to blogging, I am just phoning it in today. All I will add are the links to earlier posts which should suffice to explain everything about my state of mind:

Fritz the Sheep  and Driver’s Education.


P.S. My daughter loved the box of treasures I had been saving since her babyhood (mentioned in the post above). At the end of the evening she asked me where I thought she should keep it. I offered to keep storing it in my closet for her and she immediately thought that was a good idea. She may be 18 now, but she still likes the idea that Mom will take care of certain things for her. That was a gift from her to me today.


4 thoughts on “My Baby’s Gone n’ Done It

  1. Isn’t it just like you to one-up God? 😜 I can’t believe you’ve got a grown up kidlet. You are pardoned from your blogging duties as this might require therapy (and by therapy I mean alcohol).

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  2. Wow, 227, I feel like I should fan you or hand you a glass of sun tea or something. Your daughter must be in hog heaven–eighteen, licensed to drive, and privy to her whole childhood, complete with a box of treasures. Enjoy your break, who cares if you stay on schedule? Summer is about the ABSENCE of schedules! 🙂

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  3. 18 years – I too have trouble believing this. Must be really, really hard for you, seeing the girls g(r)o(w) so fast. At least, now she can take you places… if you are able to be driven by her…


  4. So here we go with a coincidence. My younger daughter will celebrate her 18th birthday next thursday and hopefully pass her driving test on Tuesday.
    All our cars have the numbers 512 on them. Not for being a special date but for the special habit of procrastination of the other three members of my family. For us, it means “fünf vor zwölf”, something like “last minute”. So here they are, our grown-up girls. I love watching them start their very own lifes. The elder has left home last August for a “FSJ”, freiwilliges soziales Jahr, in a house for disabled persons near Birmingham in South England and will be back in autumn to study social work. And the younger one will finish school next summer and plans to spend a year in the United States as an au pair girl. I love them for their independence.
    And I love reading your posts and smiling for the parallels that Pop up sometimes.


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