Good News

I finished our wreath yesterday, just in time for the First Sunday in Advent celebration – which this year consisted of lighting a candle. My 16 and 18 year old daughters dutifully complimented my work, made 95 seconds of small talk and then retreated back to their rooms.

In earlier years, we would have had a longer ritual including aromatic tea, cookies, the sound of Bing or Dean or Frank softly singing Christmas carols in the background, and a reading of some short, moralistic, Christmas-themed story. That last part, to be honest, was never my daughters’ favorite and might explain their speedy departures now.

So . . . seeing as how I missed telling them a sappy story, I will force one on my blog audience . . .

A week ago, we just had friends visiting and we took them to the Christmas market that had enchanted us so much the first time we were there  (when I bought my “alternative” crèche.) While we were there, I unhopefully walked up to the cashier and asked if anyone had found a missing Baby Jesus made of felt about the size of my thumb. I wasn’t expecting much as we traipsed over to the next room. In the corner where my crèche had been displayed there was now a bucket of stuffed sheep and cows. We took a closer look and . . .


. . . there he was.


A little Christmas miracle.



5 thoughts on “Good News

  1. So Joseph and Mario have a babe now? Woo hoo, how progressive! Love the advent wreath, too. We just put up our life-sized outdoor creche, I bought three bales of straw yesterday to scatter around it. When we bought it (at a Big Box hardware store), there was a shepherd, two sheep, an ox and an ass, three kings, a camel, and a Baby Jesus, but no Mary or Joseph. Isn’t the Holy Family sold as a set? Back at the ranch, hubby wastes no time searching the Internet, locating the only full-sized Mary and Joseph figurines available within a 500-mile radius. UPS promises manger-side delivery within 3-5 days from Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland in Frankenmuth, MI, a year-round Christmas shop we had both visited as children, during summer vacation. While we await their arrival, hubby plugs in the rest of the figurines. The effect is comical, as if Baby Jesus has been abandoned by his parents at a petting zoo and is being stalked by three stately giants. When the box from Bronner’s comes, it contains a bonus: another Baby Jesus. 🙂

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    1. This is a riot – you should post this story! It already takes some guts to display a life-sized creche, but then to put up an alternative one ?! . . . as they say in Austria – “Kudos, Joan!” What did you name Baby Jesus’s twin brother? And whatever happened to him? Did he start a whole new religion too?

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      1. I’m not gutsy enough to put my fraternal twins in the manger (the babes look quite different, not sure why). The extra one is in the garage, a back-up in case the original is stolen. There was an incident in town some years ago where Mary was swiped from the crèche at the Catholic church and later found up on the roof of the Dairy Freeze. You never know. 🙂

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