Cat Pit Ululation


The same scene plays out over and over again. I go to the desk where my laptop sits and begin . . . watching the news, doing work or a translation, blogging . . . whatever. At some point Devil Cat leaps up onto the desk, often spilling my coffee or knocking objects off. I pick him up, put him on the ground. He leaps again. I remove him again. He leaps again, and this time he quickly prances across the laptop keyboard. Menacing messages appear on the screen such as “Shutting down . . .” or “Delete file?” or “Restore computer to factory settings?”

Sometimes things heat up and I just shove Devil Cat off the side of the desk, trusting that he will land on his feet. Sometimes he digs his claws in and pulls the table cloth along with him. Sometimes, as he is leaping, I block his landing spot on the desk, sending him sprawling.

This battle went on for years. And then . . .

I gave up.


Addendum: Oddly, it seems history does sort of repeat itself. It was during my last sick leave with a similar ailment that an altercation made me think my cat might be possessed by the devil . . .


7 thoughts on “Cat Pit Ululation

  1. I did that a long time ago and it gives me some peace. We still have the “cocktail hour” where she jumps up, sticks her butt in my face and rubs the side of the computer causing it to display odd messages. She’s also the queen of turning the printer on and off.

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      1. Yes, I know. Me, too. Just yesterday my Devil got invited to a play date but tore up a toy and two balls, ate some of the hors d’oeuvres and got in their swimming pool. Then he threw up. He’s clearly never getting invited back. Poor Devil.

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  2. Only my last two cats (I’ve owned nine) have bothered my computer. It’s an all-in-one with a touch screen. Ginger loved touching it with her paw and making the icons huge or turning the screen 90 degrees or something else that took an hour to figure out how to undo. Peach likes hiding behind the screen and swatting at the cords. He walks all over my desk, pressing buttons on the telephone (playing messages, turning the ringer on or off), sprawling on top of my books, making the little “purrrrp” sound that means he wants Greenies (his fav treat). If he wants to go out, he will knock my mini frog figurines on the floor. (There are four of them in a bowl, a Russian doll, a Blue Delft one, a ceramic one that can hang from a flower pot, and a bobble-head. Luckily they have survived his game without damage.) In his spare time, Peach climbs trees. We nicknamed him Gibbs (from NCIS) because he just appears out of nowhere. I call him for dinner and look every direction and when I give up and open the door to go back inside, there he is, at my feet. If the cat bed works for you, go for it. I saw a photo on FaceBook of a lady who fooled her cat by putting a “decoy keyboard” (not connected to anything) on an elevated platform above the real one. 🙂

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