Quasimodo Returns (and Just in Time!)

Have you ever wondered at what point a pizza simply becomes too big? I thought that last night while out for dinner in a nice Italian restaurant in Graz. Honestly, the diameter of this thing was about 6 inches longer than that of the plate below it. Needless to say, doggie bags were required.

The reason the hubby and I were in Graz was that my elder daughter was throwing a 20th birthday bash in our house. Once she had received permission to have the party, she proceeded to tell us that we weren’t actually invited, but no worries, we could stay in her apartment that night. That was nice of her, I thought. Well played. Or maybe, not. Everything was spotlessly clean when we arrived there. We trashed the place and drank her vodka.

That was my third trip to Graz this week. On the second one, I finally met up with the sisters-in-law again and handed over the penguin. Based on the reaction, I think he has found a good home.


On my first trip to Graz this week, I took my daughter along with one of her friends (a former student of mine!) out for lunch. We negotiated a sort of mini-management deal as this friend has a lot of connections to the art and music scenes, knows a lot about the business side, and wants to help Mitzi promote herself better. Two days later, Mitzi had a one-hour gig at an open stage bar and raked in $80 in pay and another $180 (!) in tips. After hearing this, the husband decided to show up next week with his accordion and see if he can do the same (and then quit his job to be a street musician). As far as I know, he only knows how to play 5 songs and four of them are not suitable for polite company, so I am not sure if this is a good plan.


Anyway, back to today. The husband and I returned home again this morning to survey the post-party carnage. What we found was a house looking pretty much the same as when we left it. In fact, the only evidence that a party took place at all was the overflowing glass recycling bin and some half-empties on the kitchen counter. I have to admit, I was a little disappointed. This was just further evidence that my children aren’t children anymore. In fact, one of them is no longer even a teenager! Why didn’t anyone warn me that this was going to happen?

Thank goodness I still have one problem child left to worry about.

Remember my four new chicks from spring? Well, there is something seriously wrong with one of them. He is only half the size of his siblings, he seems kind of deformed, and he is not growing feathers. We keep consulting the Backyard Chicken Bible and it tells us not to worry as long as he is running around and eating – which he is. But, still, he is the ugliest piece of poultry I have ever seen. You be the judge:


9 thoughts on “Quasimodo Returns (and Just in Time!)

  1. omg, I would seriously fear for the rest of the flock, what if this is contagious? another omg-thought: is your girl playing under Hauptbrücke there? ..is she already 20? .., while you both graciously were allowed to stay in Graz while the kids partied… omg, omg, omg 🙂 I like the penguin, though, esp. the feathers on the head, gives it an intellectual air

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      1. Ah, you know how it is – I was just getting over the shock, that your girls are teenagers already and woosh – over already


  2. Oh dear, that poor chicken! What happened to him? Is there nuclear waste being dumped nearby? I have to conclude that your life is more exciting than mine. Three trips to Graz, giant pizzas, vodka, evil penguins changing hands, talented daughter doing gigs, husband considering a career change, coming home to a clean house after your daughter’s (wild??) party… You’ve got me beat, 227, hands down. Does that Chicken Bible have a chapter on exorcisms? I fear you may need it. 🙂

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    1. I had to smile at your comment about my exciting life, because so much of it is vicarious.
      As compared to you! Published! Out there in the world and resonating!
      Good tip about chicken exorcisms – I’ll check the BC Bible and let you know.


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