Election Night in Loopyville

Let me start by saying that my daughters were NOT taking me seriously in my efforts to do absentee voting by the book. Thanks to Daughter 1’s boyfriend, I have dozens of pictures of each stage of the procedure to back me up.

There was the showing of the empty ballots
There was the anonymous filling out of ballots
There was the inserting into and sealing of the (naked) envelope
There was the signing of the certification form
There was the witness signing of the certification form
There was the affixing of the certification form to the naked envelope
There was the inserting of the naked envelope affixed with voter-signed and witness-signed certification form into a second envelope and addressing it
There was a Happy End

I mailed off our ballots two days ago. I can already say with certainty, even though I didn’t look, that the Loopyville contingent of Milwaukee’s Ward 132 went 0% for the current pwesident. I can also say that I feel different. Like maybe there is a proverbial light at the end of this crappy four-year-long tunnel. Like maybe it is no longer my civic responsibility to follow every outrageous or scandalous twist and every shitshow turn between now and November 3rd.

I have my final golf lesson tomorrow. After that I might do some gardening.

– – – – – – – – –


I really should know better by now than to make predictions. After writing the above yesterday, I was too tired to post it and decided to wait until morning. The first thing I see after firing up my laptop is the news about the pwesident’s positive Covid test . . . .

4 thoughts on “Election Night in Loopyville

  1. Wow, voting remotely seems far more safe and careful and certified than doing it in person. Can’t imagine what Twump is so worried about. Of course, now he has COVID to worry about while Joe Biden–mask wearer and believer in science–was spared. Can’t wait for my ballot to arrive in the mail so I can ceremoniously fill it out and return it. 🙂

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  2. Eventful days. Spent lots of sleepless hours – first watching that swansong of a debate. Then last night with the breaking news about first Mrs. Hicks, then P&FOTUS followed by half the admin team pronounced infected. I know, I know: noone should be falling ill. But some shouldn’t fall ill a lot less than others, I think. All of CNN is NOT saying this. But I do.
    Something else: Am really sad about Mrs RBG passing. She strained herself so hard to make it for just a couple of more weeks. I hope, this was not part of a bigger sceme, somehow sparing her the worst – four more years of the same. Am glad you guys did your share for this to not happen. Properly documented by someone, I need to learn more of….. I guess it is not the one who visited here in Berlin already?

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    1. Love your phrasing: “But some shouldn’t fall ill a lot less than others ”
      And no, the photographer in question is Mitzi’s third or fourth boyfriend since theone in Berlin. I’m happy to say this current one is a real keeper – we really like him a lot.


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