Ten Ten Twenty Twenty


I like today’s date. I like the sound and the numerical symmetry of it. Seems like a day to do something with. Something memorable. Maybe start something new or end something that has gotten old. Or both.

To get some inspiration, I turned to the Google and quickly arrived at the NationalDayCalendar.com website. Here’s what I found:

Apparently, angel food cake, handbags and costume-swapping all have their own holidays. I wasn’t aware of that, maybe because none of these things particularly interest me. I also don’t decorate cakes, play chess or ride motorcycles. All that leaves is yarn and mental health, but, fortunately, there is currently no crisis in my life for me to crochet my way through.

I would like to know, though, why there is a coffee stain on the calendar. And why is it circling the 11th instead of the 10th? And why do the week rows on this calendar start on Tuesdays and end on Mondays? These are mysteries I would like to get to the bottom of.

Maybe I’ll do that tomorrow.


5 thoughts on “Ten Ten Twenty Twenty

  1. Wow, so many things share the same day, 227… I did notice a lot of motorcycles riding past my house, but figured that’s because it’s Saturday and the weather is nice. I guess I could celebrate how COVID has helped me downsize my handbag to a mere change purse, just big enough to hold driver license, credit card, grocery list, stubby pencil, mini hand sanitizer, and disposable gloves. I love my AmeriBag, but leather and Clorox wipes don’t mix. As for your last paragraph, I didn’t notice any of those curiosities until you brought them to my attention. Now my brain hurts. When you get to the bottom of these things, please post again. 🙂

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  2. Simple. Coffee overfilled was placed down on the calendar by some Coffee slob randomly. And it ain’t October 2020 on the calendar. Maybe making a statement that there isn’t a National Coffee Slob Day

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