Ugly Chicken Update

As readers will know, I wrote a while back about my slightly deformed and unfeathered chick, Quasi the Second. At the time, I showed the pictures to expert chicken keepers, among whom the general consensus was that this bird would not be long for this world.

But she kept bopping along despite being ostracized and banned from the henhouse. Despite almost drowning in the duck pond. Despite the massive second wave of red fowl mites that had the husband cleaning out the henhouse in a Hazmat suit wielding a blowtorch.

Take a look at her now:

Okay, so not exactly a beautiful swan, but also no longer the world’s ugliest chicken. And more importantly, still hanging in there.

Speaking of loners and survivors, check out the latest “New infections in the past 14 days” map of Austria.

See the little green speck in the bottom right corner of the country? The only district in the entire country with no new infections? That’s where we are.

Our ears are filled with the crashing sounds of second waves all around us, but, apparently, we’re still hanging in there.

6 thoughts on “Ugly Chicken Update

  1. Quasi II is much improved, just a late bloomer I guess. You weren’t kidding about hubby and the Hazmat suit, yikes! Congrats for doing your part in your district, apparently it has had a positive effect. Appreciate the updates, 227. 🙂

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  2. Congratulations on your green status! It’s just like this one Armorican village in Gaul – I wonder what your Zaubertrank might be 😉
    I wanted to go down to Austria first week in November (to see mom at the hospital and dad, who seems to get worse. too. And maybee watch Nov 3rd happenings with you.) but was asked by the hospital and the care home to better not come. As Berlin is in pretty bad shape right now.. Plus, here I’d have to quarantine for two weeks, coming back from Vienna. Maybe they are right and I better stay put. I certainly would not like to turn that speck of green any other colour. I filed for another week off start of December, maybe then things are looking better. Would you be in?
    The chicken looks almost nice, good work!

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    1. Those Asterix jokes were going around here at the time too. (Pete had to explain them to me.)
      Yeah, as hard as it is, it is probably better to keep our distance from elderly parents right now. As for your potential visit – come ANY TIME! (Assuming it is even possible – early December might be too soon – word is this lockdown will extend to x-mas. Bummer!)

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      1. yeah, I think we all will have to stay put quite a while longer… Any travel is postponed, so we’ll keep commenting here for a while….


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