The Ghost of Christmas Present

I am late in sending out my customary blogworld Christmas greetings this year due to an unexpected family emergency. Gingerbread Man (of “My Velveteen Rabbit” fame) had to go to the hospital.

One week beforehand a problem had been discovered and all thoughts of work or Christmas preparations or Covid lockdowns dissipated. The focus turned entirely to health issues.

Last Wednesday, Gingerbread Man arrived at the clinic and was admitted. A whirlwind ensued. Two procedures were done on Thursday and Friday, the doped-up recovery began on Saturday. On Sunday, he was already allowed to go home – with a list of medications and a little less stuffing.  He’s a bit blurry about the whole experience but remembers A LOT of needles and that the food there really sucked.

The early release was lucky, because it gave us all enough time to do any neglected preparations and pull off – somewhat contrary to earlier expectations – a wonderful Christmas Eve.

I’m happy to be able to tell you that Gingerbread Man is feeling a little better each day. He spends a lot of his time now in the new recliner with his new electric blanket. Here he is,  staring at the Christmas tree lights, basking in nice memories and hopeful feelings for the future.

10 thoughts on “The Ghost of Christmas Present

  1. I’m going to tuck this little gem of a story into the back of my mind, in case I should ever need an excuse for holiday lateness. I love your festive home and Gingerbread Man’s fancy new digs. Merry Christmas to you and your family, 227, and here’s to better times in the New Year. I would have sent my regards yesterday, but my Charlie Brown tree had to have a needle transplant. 🙂

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    1. Hey 42, Charlie Brown trees are the best. Hope yours held up. As for the post, I didn’t think I was being very subtle, but from your comment and Kate’s, I guess the point didn’t really get across. Thats a REAL hospital room. The story is all true. I wrote this to put minds at ease (as most of my readers know me personally and have been hesitant to call or write.) So don’t you dare go through this – embrace your lateness! No excuses necessary.

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      1. YOU were in the hospital? Yikes! I admit, that tray of hospital food looked pretty convincing, I wondered how you had pulled that off. But in any case, I hope you are OK, and I’m glad you and Gingerbread Man are home, relaxing in a favorite chair, and being cared for by your loved ones. I shall, in your honor, embrace my lateness.

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