Bonnie and Heather. Reunited.

I just finished the online check-in for my trip to the States. Not the flight over, but the flight home already. It was the first time I even took my laptop out of its case, so I am really glad I lugged the heavy thing all the way across the Atlantic.

A lot of the things we had tentatively planned never got done. I didn’t have a cheeseburger or go to the Streets of Old Milwaukee at the public museum. I didn’t do a lot of shopping or go to the beach. I didn’t restart and begin catching up on my blog.

What I did do was a lot walking with the sister having meaningful conversations such as this:

Her: “I’m glad I have a strong name – did you know Dad wanted to name me “Bonnie”?”

Me: “And Mom wanted to name me Heather!”

Her: “Thought experiment: do you think we would have grown up to be different people if we had had those names?”

Me: “I don’t know. We’d probably be having a different conversation right now. I’d be telling you how I suspected my husband of having an affair with his secretary.”

Her: “And I’d be telling you how much I loved that last romance novel you gave me.”

As usual, we both laughed much too long after this little nugget. It was such a treat to spend three weeks with the person who laughs at all my jokes and knows me best. The perfect therapy.

I will probably be filling out the story of this American vacation in upcoming posts, but for now I am only including the single most important part of the past three weeks:

bonnie and heather

7 thoughts on “Bonnie and Heather. Reunited.

  1. You know, if you were named Heather, you would be a strong willed juggernaut, whose will would always be done. But you would be the most beautiful soul in the universe, who always cares about everyone else’s needs above your own.
    You would laugh at all my stupid jokes, and always be there for me. Best of all, you would often utter the phrase, that is so dear to my heart, . . . .
    What I would give to hear her say that one more time.
    But come to think of it, you’re kind of just like that. I guess the folks just fucked up when they named you, just kidding, ( sort of).


    1. I hope you know that I don’t have our Heather – or any other real person – in mind when I use that name. If anything, I think of that old 80s stereotype of mean high school girls – the Heathers (- who, ironically, probably grew up to be “Karens”.)
      PS. I edited a word or two out of your comment to preserve my blog’s PG rating.)


  2. I remember Mom telling me once that Dad wanted to name me “Mark”, but his cousin took the name already. So, Heather and Bonnie – Nice to meet you! 🙂


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