The Green Puddle

We had a nice family-plus-neighbors outing to one very cool place tucked into a corner of mountainous Austria: The Green Lake (Grünersee) in Tragöß. In the winter, it is a small lake surrounded by walking trails and meadows. In the spring, when snow melts, this basin fills up. The lake becomes 10 meters deeper and much bigger in area. It is a mecca for scuba divers who don’t usually get to swim over grass lawns, past park benches, and around tree trunks. I had to steal these images from the internet to give you an idea:



It being almost winter, we knew we wouldn’t be seeing the lake in this state, but none of us expected just how small it would be. We could have circled the whole thing in 15 minutes instead of the usual hour and a half.

Still, despite the puddle-like body of water and the fact that I had only my crappy old cell phone to take pictures with, I managed to get a few halfway decent shots: