This blog is mostly embellished autobiography – or what they call “creative nonfiction” here on WordPress. It’s inspired by the likes of David Sedaris and Sarah Vowell, but for the shorter attention span and not as funny. Possibly interesting for moms, adopters, teachers, travelers, expatriates, English majors, hobby writers, procrastinators, and heathens.

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8 thoughts on “About

  1. Why can’t I find the “like” button for posts when I am on your website? I’m back to binge reading your blog…also, your avatar says you frenetically move furniture? Me, too!!! So many weird tings we have in common. So glad we met in blogosphere.


    1. Hey there! Nice to see your name in my notifications! I have been busy with family stuff and am woefully behind in my Reader – will be catching up soon – tomorrow or Thursday. In the meantime – I think you have to click on the individual posts to find a like button.


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