He That Soweth

“Lock her up” was bad enough, but yesterday’s “Send her back” made something snap in my brain.


I am done trying to “understand” the Trump supporter. Especially the ones claiming to be evangelical.

I can’t find a single reason for wanting this man in the White House that doesn’t derive from one of the following:



But don’t take it from me.


Proverbs 6:16-19 (KJV)

16 These six things doth the Lord hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him:

17 A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood,

18 An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief,

19 A false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren.


The Perfect Donkey

It seems that the 2020 election season is already upon us. Speaking as one of the many American frogs swimming in a pot of slowly heating water and screaming “THE EMPEROR HAS NO CLOTHES!!” here are the qualities I am looking for in the future Democratic candidate.

He or she will not say or do anything that is:















scientifically dubious

demonstrably false











She or he will not talk about:


fake news

witch hunts


national emergencies

the wall

steel slats


red lines

voter fraud

the Electoral College

shithole countries



fine people


the enemy of the people


the art of the deal


He or she will have respect for:

the free press

separation of powers

the Hatch Act

the Magnitsky Act

the Emoluments Clause

congressional oversight

the 1st, 13th, 14th, 15th  and 25th Amendments


the environment

the voters


other people

the Constitution


basic human decency

Tick Tock – (Democracy – Lesson #54)

Donald Trump is ruining my blog. I can’t stop myself from ranting about him. Part of me envies the people who can just tune out this huge, absurd and scary spectacle of an election. The other part of me believes it is my and everyone’s civic duty to add their dissenting voices to the choir. So here I go again . . .


Logic dictates that people living in a diverse society and committed to the principle of collective self-rule will also need to exercise self-control if the system is to work.

While binge-watching the fallout from “P***ygate” and the second debate, something dawned on me. There is a common denominator in ALL of Trump’s statements – even before he was “unshackled”: To hell with self-restraint!

Before he got off that bus, he basically admitted that he needs to control himself around beautiful women. No, scratch that. As a star, he can get away with anything. Now where are those Tic Tacs?

Then there is his general disdain for “political correctness” which simply means demonstrating a bit of empathetic forethought in one’s choice of words. He can’t be bothered. He justifies his constant stream of uncontrolled, insulting utterances by claiming he is “saying it like it is” – as if what emanates from his mouth is somehow refreshing – no Tic Tacs necessary!

Let’s see . . . what other examples of his lack of restraint can I think of? That’s a tough one . . .

Are protesters at a rally annoying you? Punch ‘em in the face! Iranian soldiers are making obscene gestures? Blow them out of the water! Terrorists are infiltrating western countries? Nuke ‘em! Eleven million immigrants without documentation? Kick them all out! Joe Blow in Kentucky tried to vote twice in 1996? Armed vigilantes at every polling station! Someone disagrees with you? Counterpunch! Bully! Belittle! Journalists and Muslims scare you? Ban them, ban them all! – and toss out the First Amendment along with them! The opponent is doing better in the polls? Lock her up! (or worse, someone shoot her!) . . .

This, ALL of this, it is not a breath of fresh air. It is the same stale stench of fleshy fragments left to decompose in a bunker after 1945. Now resurrected for our entertainment.

There aren’t enough Tic Tacs in the world for a President Trump.


And how would we Americans be as a people with such a person at the helm?

Great again! Stars! Unrestrained! Armed! And unregulated!

What a thought.


Logic dictates that people living in a diverse society and committed to the principle of collective self-rule will also need to exercise self-control if the system is to work. History and Irony dictate that those capable of self-control now let loose and rant their dissent.


When it rains, it . . .

. . . comes sloshing down in a tempo and force that make your head spin as you run for cover and then realize you are basically on the equivalent of some Iowa cornfield and the next tree is two states over!

Source: http://www.elenisakellar.com/gallery/selected-earlier-works/selected-earlier-works-2/
Source: http://www.elenisakellar.com/gallery/selected-earlier-works/selected-earlier-works-2/


Why, oh why does everyone and his uncle suddenly need a translation or proofreading done ( – by yesterday, please, and, if possible, for free?)

I just went through the painful exercise of editing an awful, ugly book and when it was finally over, I sent the manuscript back to the publisher. I swear on a stack of Jane Austen novels that the very second that email was sent off, I heard a “Ding!” and saw a new mail. (“INCOMING!! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!”) It was an inquiry from a company about me translating their advertising brochure – 10 pages of describing various types of wooden floor boards in detail. Now that sounds like a hoot. Did I say “No – I won’t  translate your stupid text”??  NOOOOOO! Of course not!

Today I got to the halfway mark on that and began wondering if there is anything in the world more tedious than floor boards. I don’t think so. Seriously. I challenge, no, I DEFY you all to come up with a topic more mind-numbingly boring. I am starting to miss Compliance Management.  Maybe I will take a break. Check my email . . .


A friend of a music mentor of my daughter needs her thesis corrected. She is not done with it yet and the due date is in two weeks. Could I correct it for her?  It’s only about 85 pages long – that is, so far. She’s writing about English literature, which is good. But she is also writing about James Joyce which is . . . just . . . horrendously bad. Did I say “No, I’m sorry, but you waited too long to ask me and I am going to be away in London all next week with 12 kids in the rages of puberty and someday you will thank me for teaching you this lesson about procrastinating”? NOOOOOO! Of course not. I said I would see what I can do.

The gods don’t want me to experience a weekend. It’s just that simple.