Hibernation Update #1


As pre-announced in my second to last blog post, I officially entered a semi-catatonic state at approximately 9:22 am on the morning of December 27th and I pretty much remained that way until typing the title above. I did not spend that time curled in a ball in a cave or in a self-dug hole, covered by leaves and such. No, I spent it burrowed away in my library, binge-watching old Star Trek series on Netflix in a small window at the bottom right corner of my screen while simultaneously playing various Solitaire games or Snood until the spasms in my right arm made me switch the mouse to my left hand. Once in a while I shook it up a bit with a jigsaw puzzle, but that taxed the graphic capabilities of my old laptop. I also made occasional breaks to go to the bathroom or refill my coffee cup. None of the above required me to fully regain consciousness.


Every so often, I WAS roused from my reverie by a somewhat lucid thought. Here are the ones I can recall from the past two days:

1)   Lyart wrote a post a while back about the German “Word of the Year” – it turned out to be the translation of post-factual. I had planned to look up what the English Word of the Year was, but somehow never got around to it. If I were allowed to pick one, it would be the “unpresidented” (or I should say “unpresident-elected”) unprecedented.  Seems like I hear that word every day now – and several times!

2) The whole first season of Star Trek Voyager was pretty deliciously awful.

3) I have been proclaiming that “the end is nigh” for my old Dog Three for over two years now. She just keeps going. But, lately, she has been needing help standing up a lot and she can’t walk in a straight line anymore – she sort of sidles diagonally. We are in that awful stage all pet owners will know – when you are constantly assessing the quality of your pet’s life in relation to its pain and suffering. She still eats a lot, takes a daily short walk, greets me at the door, and tries to chase the cat. So I will keep cleaning up after her.

4) My husband wanted me to watch a Winnetou movie with him (Are you serious??!). I think it really would have meant something to him. And yet, I said no thanks. (Seriously?? Winnetou?!) Then I returned to my library and Voyager.


5) I’ve missed my blog. I’ve missed reading the thoughts of my blog friends. I hope I will soon regain the mental capacity to catch up on their thoughts and lives.

6) Just three more weeks. And then it is President Tweet.

7) I wrote a nine page Christmas letter this year and we sent it out to over one hundred family members and friends.  We’ve gotten such nice responses. And yet (!), I feel slightly obnoxious.

8) My original plan was to write an end-of-the-year/year-in-review blog post. While gathering ideas, I chanced upon my first post of the year – dated January 1st and titled “2016 Sucks Already”.

      What more is there to say?

4 thoughts on “Hibernation Update #1

  1. Well, first go travel. Oh, you will, soon :))))))
    Second: you should have given this Winnetou movie a try. I watched all three of them and they are so much better than the (really unwatchable) old ones. Beats many a Star Trek episode.
    Wonder, what hubby thought about the new version.


  2. RE: #3. Our vet suggested writing a list of things your pet likes to do, and when they can no longer do half of them, it’s time. Which seems like a sounds idea, but my dog had good days and bad days. He was a covert collector of balls and found his last one (half-hidden in the snow near a neighbor’s mailbox) while walking on his own four legs around the cul-de-sac, less than two weeks before he passed on. Any time I was ready to cross an item off the list, he would rally and surprise me.

    RE: #7. Nine pages? Whoa! I am not willing to write more than I can send with a single postage stamp, usually no more than one page. It’s just me, my hubby, and our pets… and we are pretty low key homebodies, so even that is pushing it. 🙂


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