A Motherful Day


While on our daily dog walk, Nice Neighbor Lady told me that her son refuses to celebrate Mother’s Day, saying first that every day should be Mother’s Day and second, that it was a Nazi creation. It’s not, but after that, I didn’t have the heart to tell her how wonderful mine was.

It started early with two new flowers for my garden and then a trip to my sister-in-law to pick up a washing machine (along with a whole bunch of other furnishings) for my daughters’ new apartment. From there we went to a (socially distanced) family gathering where I got to see my mother-in-law for the first time in two months. Since the golf courses have reopened, her life is back in order again. We couldn’t stay long, because my daughter had to get back home for a performance. It was a Mother’s Day Concert being livestreamed from the nearby spa featuring local musicians. I don’t want to brag too much, so I won’t say that she stole the show. Instead, I’ll quote a few of the WhatsApp reactions from friends and my sisters in the States:


“Wow. wow wow wow. She’s killing it!”

“Oh. My. God. So beautiful.”


Right before leaving for the concert, my husband called out to me that my favorite chicken just hatched a new chick. (She actually let the other hens do all the brooding work for 19 days, and then took over for just the last two. Crafty girl!) Right after the concert, my Skype started chiming and I got to spend the next hour with my own mom. And finally, shortly before going to bed, my daughters posted on my Facebook page, including two of my very favorite photos. Here it is – or at least a doctored version with names changed to protect the perps:

What a wonderful day full of momstuff, sisterstuff, daughterstuff, and grandchickendaughterstuff!  To spread the joy, here are two songs from my favorite singer:




15 thoughts on “A Motherful Day

  1. It’s about time you got a day where everything goes your way, 227! I hope you totally leaned into it and enjoyed being ensconced in a web of motherly connection. I am mother to fur-babies only, two of whom kept me cozy company while I finished reading The Plague. I made a card for my mom and attached a pair of “arms” to it so she could have a hug on her special day. Our whole family met up on Zoom that evening. My mother-in-law got a card, chocolate chip cookies delivered as per the rules of social distancing, and prayers that her Corona test would come back negative. (It did.) Life is good. 🙂

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      1. I am right now listening to the voice of an absolute angel. I was able to go to your site and click on the audio. Oh. My. God. You have to be so proud of her. Seriously. That voice. I just wish I could see her singing. She sounds so passionate. Oh, momma. Congrats on having raised nice humans who also happen to be crazy talented.

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      2. And she plays piano/keyboard, too? Thank you for sharing this. I feel like through your blog I’ve come to know your daughters a little bit so this was the best treat. She’s stunning and expressive and has the most beautiful voice. Please tell her she has a new fan. 💙

        PS I had to go ahead and watch the first 10 minutes. Thought there would be an explanation for the ducks.

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